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Hello and welcome to my website I'm Sterre Overvest, the author of Star'sLight and I feel so excited to share with you about my healing journey. 

My life has been pretty turbulent with a lot of ups and downs, since I was fourteen years old. After several suicides attempts and feeling at my lowest in 2017, something very special came unexpectedly on my path: I found a way to heal myself via Rainbow Tai Chi. 

In my book I share about the healing that happened and which steps I needed to take to come this far. 
I have faced a lot of dragons along the way and I have doubted for a long time whether to publish my story, as it feels so vulnerable and naked to share about the darkest times of my life. 
But there is a reason that I bring it ‘out’ as I feel that my story can give you hope as I discovered that giving up or hurting yourself is never the answer. 

How dark and negative life may seem, there is always a light of hope shining inside.



My name is Sterre Overvest and I was born in Utrecht on the 22nd of August 1991. My childhood was without worries. I grew up in a loving family with lots of support from both of my parents and I was bubbly and happy child.

Things started to change when my parents divorced at the age of eleven years old. Not long after I heard the news that my mother was terminal ill from cancer and would not have long to live
I started to loose my self-worth and became very insecure. I could not find a way to deal with so many different emotions and slowly but steady a lot of different problems started to pile up.........

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